Bed & Breakfast "Rittershuus"
B&B Rittershuus,double or twin rooms in renovated 300 year old farmerhouse, ensuite bathroom, single beds
•Sternmattstrasse 43, CH 6005 Luzern • Tel: +41 (0) 41 535 31 85 • Mail:
Then and now

To live in the "Rittershuus" is in any case very special.
Just the thought of how many people went in and out of these
doors, those who spent the night here, the number of storms and severe weather this

probably more than 300 year old house has survived, could fill books with stories.
Even now this house stands on its very robust foundation walls.
When exactly this historic house was build is very difficult to trace,
but in the Sternmatt chronicle* (Chronicle of this area) it says:
"August am Rhyn thought that the farm house went back to 1642.
He relates to a watercolour drawing which is in his family archive
showing the "Junker Jakob Ritters Huus" in the place were nowadays the

farm house Sternmattstrasse 43 is."


I myself live in this old, venerable farmhouse since 1989.
The house was in poor condition and in need of renovation.
However, my partner at the time, as a carpenter and building biologist realised immediately the possibilities to do up this house. On the one hand the foundation walls of the old farm house were still in good shape.In the years that followed we put in a lot of work in this house to make it a real gem. We renovated it with love for the details and whenever possible we used natural building materials, so that this building can be preserved for the next generation.


* Edgar Rüesch. Sternmatt-Chronik 1269-1998




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Kurt Tucholsky